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HCL CleanTech, Inc Awarded Up to $9 Million for Biofuels Project.

On June 10th, 2011 Secretary of Energy Steven Chu announced $36 Million funding has been awarded to 6 small scale biofuels projects.According to DOE these projects "aim to improve the economics and efficiency of biological and chemical processes that convert non-food biomass feed stocks into replacements for petroleum-based feed stocks, products, and fuels".  One of those six projects has been awarded to NC company, HCL CleanTech, Inc with funding available up to $9 Million.

HCL's particular funding will be dedicated to developing and demonstrating process improvements for pretreatment, conversion to sugars, and the conversion of sugars to fuels.Their particular process utilizes concentrated hydrochloric acid-driven hydrolysis, which converts biomass to sugars. It is these particular sugars which can be fermented to create a large variety of bio-products, food and feed.

For more on HCL CleanTech, please go here.

For the announcement from DOE, go here.

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